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Events from the Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation:
Conference on 22 September in Stirling
PTSD Workshop on 5 and 6 May 2018 in Stirling – More information

Animal Assisted Therapy Research
My name is Danny Martelli and I am a final year student on the BSc Applied Psychology program at Glasgow Caledonian University. In accordance with the requirements of my degree, I am conducting a research project, investigating therapists’ experiences of using Animal-Assisted Therapy within their practice. Participation in this research involves a semi-structured, telephone interview (lasting approximately 30 minutes); conducted at a time suitable to the participant. All questions contained within the interview schedule relate to the participants experience of Animal-Assisted Therapy, and the helpful/unhelpful aspects associated with the inclusion of an animal in the therapeutic process. Participants retain the right to choose not to answer any questions without reason. Interviews will be recorded and later transcribed and analysed using thematic analysis. If you are interested in taking part in this research please contact me, Danny Martelli at: To request an information sheet and consent form (which shall be sent via email). I will also be happy to answer any questions regarding the research or participation. This research has been granted ethical approval from Glasgow Caledonian University’s School of Health and Life Sciences Research Ethics Committee.  Thank you in advance for your interest.

Data Protection Legislation 097– Update on Data Protection Legislation from BACP (22 Dec 2017)

Call for Counsellors that are qualified to work with children
I am asked quite frequently if I know of any counsellors that work with children and young people, and would like to be able to signpost.  Please send me your contact details, preferably with a link to your details online, if you are qualified to work in this area. Thank you.

Free Networking Events Representatives – Greenwood Events is looking for people in any part of Scotland who might be interested in representing Greenwood Events at these events.  It is simply a case of meeting and greeting everyone.  Greenwood Events will do all the organising.  If you are interested, please email

Looking for Experienced Counsellors/Trainers – Greenwood Events is planning the calendar of events for 2019 and looking for experienced counsellors and trainers to work in partnership offering CPD events to counsellors and those in the helping profession.  Greenwood Events is primarily about sharing experience and knowledge and about building connections.  Although a lot of the training is extremely high quality, Greenwood Events did not set itself up as a high-brow training organisation, and this is how it manages to remain affordable.  If you are interested in sharing with your peers, or can recommend anyone willing to do so, please email  We are always looking for fresh input and those generous and brave of us willing to stand up and share their hard earned knowledge with others.  Thank you.