BOOK – Contented Couples: Magic, logic or luck?

NEW BOOK – Contented Couples: Magic, logic or luck?  by Anne Power

My work in the consulting room with unhappy couples made me doubt the effectiveness of romance as a method of mate selection and so I began to look more closely at the other broad categories of courtship: arranged marriages and self-arranged relationships. I became aware that the similarities between these different ways of starting were, in the long run, greater than the differences and this focussed my research onto the basic question of ‘What makes couple relationships work?’  I recruited couples from each tradition who were willing to share their stories and from them I heard reflections which have helped deepen and strengthen my existing understanding of relationships. I hope this account of my research and what I learnt can be useful to individual therapists who often work ‘with the couple in mind’ as clients bring troubles in their relationship or their lack of relationship.