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Seen & Heard is a not for profit (CIC).

An exciting new not for profit organisation called Seen & Heard has been established to help support the emotional wellbeing of any adults who have attended boarding or independent day schools.

Here is their mission statement:

Our mission is to help people on their journey, particularly in seeking resolution and healing from the effects of adverse childhood experiences, including abandonment, neglect, emotional repression, bullying or life-changing abuse.

We are a committed group of ex-boarding school pupils who understand these unique institutional experiences, and we believe in the power of connection, and its ability to heal. Adverse experiences in childhood can impact individuals, families and wider-society, often for generations.

As a group, we are not always understood by emotional support services, or by our families and wider-society. There is a lack of awareness and acceptance about our early-years experiences, and often prejudice around our perceived ‘privilege’. Good help is out there, but it’s too hard to find and access. We are going to change that!

We will also lobby and educate institutions (schools, alumni, universities, media & governing bodies) to take the pastoral care and emotional wellbeing of their people seriously, so they can provide best-in-class emotional support to past and present pupils.

Please check it out and spread the word as there are lots of resources. You can also signpost clients where appropriate and DONATE if you can.